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I’ve added this page to showcase my recent graphic design work. There are a number of items that haven’t made it into my online portfolio and since it’s easier to add them here, this shall be the place. Of course, I encourage you to visit my portfolio also to see the depth and breadth of my work.

There’s no better place to learn about me and what I can do than here at my blog. Stay awhile. Look around. Enjoy yourself!

naturopathic physician Sigrid Penrod's business card

Sigrid Penrod is one of my favorite doctors and has been for a number of years. She personifies the sensitive and thorough naturopathic physician and so I was honored when she asked me to design a business card for her.

She has two clinics, one on each side of the Cascades, which made a two-sided business card a no-brainer.  One side promotes her clinic in Bellevue, Washington and the flip side promotes her practice in Soap Lake.

Which side is the front, you may ask?  Well, that depends where you live, of course.

Doctor Sigrid Penrod's business brochure

After the business card was finished it became apparent that a new brochure was needed for Doctor Penrod, and I was happy to oblige.

landing page for

Nearly a year later I built a WordPress website for her,

point-of-purchase poster for Fine Men Pink'd 2011 calendar

This is a point-of-purchase poster I designed to help move 2011 Fine Men Pink’d calendars, a fundraiser for women with breast cancer.  Kay Reilly donated her photography to the cause, fine men donated their bodies.

Kay displays this poster at art shows where she sells her work.

Fine Men Photography website

This WordPress site was created by me for photographer Kay Reilly to help move the Fine Men Pink’d calendars. It will soon be devoted to the art of Fine Men Photography, however. A skill Kay not only possesses in spades, but thoroughly enjoys doing. Kay, who has photographed cowboys for years, says

There’s a real art to shooting men. They can be kind of shy.

Kam Boullé is a creative person who loves to sail, garden and capture photographic images. She aspires to be a professional photographer and has decided to move in that direction with a business card that illustrates her essence and passions. She had the name, Shoregardener, and together we fused her concepts into a two-sided business card.

Kam found me through, Ann Compton, a woman she met at an entrepreneurial workshop and a good friend of mine. She called, we made an appointment and I met Kam at her darling little Alki beach house. I wanted to meet her there so I could get a feel for her tastes and learn more about her. We clicked right away and began the process of designing her business card. Kam knows what she likes, had a budget to work with and slowly we arrived here, at the card you see posted. I am really happy with the results. So is Kam!

Kristin came to me because she saw the work I did for her niece, Ann, and wanted a new business card of her own. She said she wanted her card to look artistic, current and professional. She liked my idea of using both sides of the card to communicate information. I used Illustrator software to create the design and then formatted the card in Photoshop.

HandyAnn business card

Meet Ann, the niece of my client above. Ann called because she decided to go into business for herself and needed an identifying logo and business card. She had a name, HandyAnn and a business plan but nothing else. The only design parameters Ann provided was that she wanted her card and logo to emphasize the artistic, feminine side of her nature and that she liked the colors blue and green. I came up with a few design ideas for Ann, this is the end result.

HandyAnn logo

I rearranged the elements in Ann’s business card to create this logo. I used it on a tee shirt and tote bag and surprised Ann with them when I delivered her cards. I’m not sure if she wears the shirt when she goes to a job or not. I keep forgetting to ask.

HandyAnn brochure

I love a repeat customer! This time Ann asked me to design a trifold brochure for distribution at a community job fair. Combining her logo with elements from her business card, pictures, testimonials and additional information, she now has a professional looking brochure that she can use to find more work.

A year-and-a-half later (December 2011) Ann hires me to create a website for her at I will also be her inbound marketing manager~ implementing social media strategies to increase awareness about her  skills, establish industry credibility, generate leads and ultimately, create new customers. I am soooo excited!

By the way, if you need any help around your house, I highly recommend Ann. She’s very handy!

kristian og jennifer

As a surprise to a friend of mine, I used one of her wedding images and designed this card for the holidays. It’s one of my favorite composite images.

The client shown here with her husband and grandchildren, provided a snapshot and asked me to create a composite image that she could include with her 2009 Christmas cards. I made it in Photoshop and was very pleased with the way it turned out.
Summer Camp Alternatives

I created this composite image, affectionately referred to as Summer Camp Alternatives, this past summer. My daughter and one of her girlfriends (14-years-old at the time) were playing around with their cameras and asked me to do something fun in Photoshop with a couple of the pictures. This is what I came up with. They liked it, though not as much as I may have;-)

12 responses to “digital designs

  1. wow! connie, looks good!

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  3. Cool, Connie! You are a fantastic artiste!!!

  4. Pingback: Joy of the written word | m joy meyer

  5. Connie,
    I am a friend of a friend. I have heard wonderful comments about your creations. After seeing your blog and examples, I am a believer. I am interested in working with you for my business card.
    Take care,
    Marlene Meyer (writer/speaker)

    • Marlene? I’m not understanding your comment. Are you being funny? This is YOUR friend Connie, not a friend of a friend, though that’s true too.

      Any time you’re ready, I’m happy to help with your bcard.


  6. I like the handyann digital design. Its a very nice 3 folds info sheet to give. I have some design too but I never post it on my blog. I think will post my digital design to.

    Its nice meeting you here in your blog, I found your comment on yaro’s blog. Im glad to visit your home page.

    • Thanks for stopping by, and saying so. Thank you for your kind words as well. I feel a little guilty about this particular blog because it hasn’t gotten any attention from me lately, except when I respond to comments. I need to update it, big time. (This was my first blog, I’ve created 5 or 6 since.)

      It’s nice to know when someone finds me through a comment I left somewhere. Gotta love that Yaro Starak. I’ll check out your blog too.
      C-U in your court.

      • Hi Connie,
        I just re visit your blog, looking something new. I don’t have update yet to my blog. I just want to get inspiration looking for somebody blog.

  7. I love a repeat visitor, Dlysen, thanks for stopping by again.

    Now I really do have some new work posted on this page, and in another day or two and I’ll have another new logo to share that I’m excited about.

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