Another nuther New Year

This time it’s 2012

daughter claire posing at tolo

striking, a pose

Geez whiz time flies.

My mother warned me about this and she was right.

I don’t really have anything to say about the new year except I’m looking forward to it. I couldn’t decide on a photo to represent this post so I selected the one you see here. It’s my daughter, a junior in high school, and her date for tolo 2011 which occurred in November. She’s so grown up.

Gee whiz time flies.


Another New Year

bicep silhouette of Fitness Coach Karie Underwood

Strong and Fit Like Karie

But I am not going to make a resolution.

I’m making intentions instead. I got the idea from a blog that I like, authored by a psychologist named Bruce. He’s a very wise man.

One of my intentions is to become massively productive. That means I am going to work hard at making money. I’m not sure what that will look like–perhaps I will land a good job or build a successful online business or work beside my husband in a booming scrapple business, or all of the above.

Where I land isn’t up to me, I’ve decided. It’s up to God’s Good Grace. All I can do is plug away at being productive each day.

It’s my job is to keep the faith, remain positive and stay productive.

I also intend to keep working on my health. I shall remain a vegetarian and clean up my diet, incorporating more vegan meals into my life, again.

4 days a week I attend a BootCamp class with Karie Underwood. The women she coaches are strong and fit. Karie’s a machine.

one arm plank by Karie Underwood

one arm pushup

This is a picture of Karie doing a one-arm pushup. It’s not easy to do, and she’s smiling. I intend to increase my strength and endurance enough to do 10 full-body pushups and hold a two-handed plank for 60 seconds. That might not sound like much to you, but it a realistic start for me.

Above all else I am a realist. Especially when it comes to push ups.

Happy Walking Summer

Yesterday was the official first day of summer but here in the Pacific Northwest today marks summer more accurately because the sun is shining and the temperature is over 70ºF.


Makes me wanna shout and kick my heels up!! Is that a song?

looking west and loving sunshine

If you’re wondering why I haven’t posted anything lately, it’s because I’ve been busy building my real blog site. The one that’s been in my head for 4 years now:

~ Walk On InBellWA ~ A personal guide through Bellevue’s parks, trails and neighborhoods . . . on foot for fun and fitness.

I’ve been having a lot of fun with it and it’s a good thing too because it’s been taking an inordinate amount of time. Much more than I had anticipated, naturally.

Not only do I plan the walks, map them by foot two or more times and take the photographs, but I also edit and enhance the pictures and write the descriptions–that’s what really takes a lot of time, the writing.

On top of that I’ve been learning my way around, Bluehost and Internet Marketing. It’s been quite a learning process that absorbs most of my time and I haven’t even started to monetize it.

There’s a lot more to learn and, fortunately, I find the whole process fascinating. Truly!

I am beginning to network and build interest in WalkOn InBellWA. I had business cards made and am connecting with other walking organizations like Feet First, a nonprofit advocacy organization out of Seattle that promotes walkable communities.

I am now a Feet First Neighborhood Walking Ambassador and will plan, organize and lead walks for them around my neighborhood in Bellevue. Pretty exciting, huh?

I also made a connection with CityU in Bellevue and will map a few walks from that organization in exchange for a link to my blog site. And that’s exactly how I see WalkOn InBellWA developing.

My mission is to help people develop an interest in walking.

I know how beneficial walking has has been for me and I want to share that with others. My plan is to map walks from numerous Bellevue companies to encourage people to get out and move their bodies.

Please visit WalkOn InBellWA regularly and let me know of any organization or person I should contact who might be interested in my walks.

How about you?

Would you like to go on a walk with us? A few of us get together each week and walk, usually on Tuesday mornings. I see this tribe of walkers growing steadily. Please let me know if you’d like to participate. The more the merrier.

This is my logo. Eventually I will have company tee shirts and caps made, so let me know if you want one—it might speed up the process.

Anyway, that’s why I’ve neglected this blog site, but I don’t plan to ignore it forever. In fact, I am posting now and will update my digital design page soon because I just finished a graphic design project for a client.

Life is good. Thanks for being here.

Walk on my friends.

Walk On!

happy spring

The window covering returns with new leaves from our Japanese Maple, the sun shines more frequently with patches of blue above, I feel an urge to create and have been selected to help with the US Census.


That’s right, I am a temporary Federal Employee paid to walk around my neighborhood and ask people personal questions. Two of my favorite things to do! How fortunate am I?

It appears I am fairly fortunate because I was the 3.8 million-something person to apply for a Census job for which roughly 1 million people were hired. Wow! That’s a lot of people wanting work and as you may remember I’ve been job hunting for awhile but very few employers have responded to my resume. I just disappear into the vast, black job hole. Even volunteer positions are not forthcoming I’m sorry to report. It would appear that I am not a high-demand employee in today’s job market.

Makes me wonder if staying home to care for our daughter was a wise decision.

Fortunately for me appearance is not everything, that this year ends with a zero and that 35% of U.S. households neglected to return their Census forms. That’s why I get to be part of NRFU (pronounced Narfoo–Non Response Follow Up). I trained for my new position last week and was delighted to have an income-producing place to go each morning. It felt good to get out of the house and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting my team members and learning the Enumerator ropes. This week I will visit households in and around my neighborhood to learn how many people in my assignment area lived at each NRFU residence on Census Day–April 1, 2010.

While I was at work this week and because Steve is recently unemployed, he took full control of Claire Duty and did a GREAT job.

It is with pleasure that I relinquish care of our teenager to her father, my husband.

I hope they thoroughly enjoy their time together. By the way, the picture posted above was taken by Claire during her school’s focus week and a trip to Pike Place Market. I adjusted it only slightly.

crazy sexy life collaboration

As you may know, I want to work for a wellness website called Crazy Sexy Life (CSL) in a BIG way! I discovered it a few months back and have been smitten ever since. I like everything about it–the design, the content, it’s mission, and its fearless leader Kris Carr whose movie Crazy Sexy Cancer I saw a couple of years ago. Kris was the subject (as well as the writer and director) of the film and I was impressed by her commitment to fight cancer by drastically changing her diet. The film documents her vegan journey. I remember rooting for her while I watched it and feeling proud of this charming and dynamic individual who creatively and proactively took a less-traveled road to health. I liked how open she appeared, and how it changed her life. A number of years later I stumbled upon her website and discovered she had manifested her improved health into a lifestyle and a career–an online health hub that aims to spread her hopeful message to the masses. I love that! It’s a powerful, positive and important message whose time has come.

You go Crazy Sexy Life girl!

You can imagine how excited I was to learn from a weekly CSL ezine that they wanted to hire a remote part-time copy editor intern. I applied, didn’t get it, but was asked if I wanted to be considered for future positions. I said yes, of course, and then JUMPED at the chance when they advertised some weeks later for an INDESIGN intern!

Now this is a position I am clearly qualified to do.

Just last year I was an InDesign teaching assistant and online tutor at Bellevue College. Furthermore, I doubt anyone could match my enthusiasm for this unpaid position!

Hence the reason I decided to ramp up my efforts with an intentional expression of my interest which I created in . . . you guessed it . . . InDesign!

I incorporated my website’s banner, logo, a piece of my art and put it all together in newsletter fashion to convey my enthusiasm. I have no idea if it worked because she didn’t mention it specifically but the CSL Editor-In-Chief, Corinne Bowen, did say she appreciates my enthusiasm, that there may be projects I can collaborate on in the future and that I should contact her in a week. So I did, and I waited . . . I am still waiting to hear back from this high-achieving, super-busy professional so I sent another intentional expression of my interest, aka issue 2 volume 1.

I hope it’s not overkill.

In this issue I tried to incorporate information I learned about Corinne from her blog site. And all I can say is, Wow! This woman is good . . . and smart . . . ambitious . . . and talented. No wonder Kris Carr hired her. I really, really, really hope she’ll let me help . . . anytime, anywhere, anyhow.

It would be my privilege.

we can do better

In light of Earth Day which is coming up on the 22nd of April, I created this poster as a reminder to try harder. If everybody became conscious of their carbon footprint, put forth real effort to pollute less and willingly cleaned up after themselves . . . if everyone did a combination of little things consistently, the little things we already know about like recycling, unplugging, shorter showers, taking transit, walking when we can, pulling weeds instead of spraying, buying locally produced organic food, eating less meat (or no meat) collectively we would make a big difference toward healing our planet. Every little bit helps, especially if it becomes a pattern or habit, a new standard of living. If people join together and quit adding to the mess our earth will begin to heal, it’s inhabitants will feel the love and the world will become a healthier, kinder, gentler place for everybody and everything. But it begins with each of us trying harder to care for our planet today, tomorrow, on Earth Day, and everyday thereafter.

We can do better.


The idea for this poster came to me at 3:00 a.m. yesterday. I finished it this morning. Yes, I am a boomer. More like a boomerang since I am back at the starting line: – )

It’s mind boggling to think about big numbers and that so many of us have officially entered the second half of our lives. I mean really, I can’t even grasp what 76 million boomers look like– that’s probably a good thing. And to think that 3.5 million of those will turn 65 next year . . . and are still going strong, breaking molds, altering horizons. Getting wiser. This is a bulky generation that defines lifestyles and we’re about to define a new one–how to age gracefully with acceptance, appreciation, enthusiasm, personal responsibility and participation. All together it equals wisdom.

Embrace your wisdom.