Another New Year

bicep silhouette of Fitness Coach Karie Underwood

Strong and Fit Like Karie

But I am not going to make a resolution.

I’m making intentions instead. I got the idea from a blog that I like, authored by a psychologist named Bruce. He’s a very wise man.

One of my intentions is to become massively productive. That means I am going to work hard at making money. I’m not sure what that will look like–perhaps I will land a good job or build a successful online business or work beside my husband in a booming scrapple business, or all of the above.

Where I land isn’t up to me, I’ve decided. It’s up to God’s Good Grace. All I can do is plug away at being productive each day.

It’s my job is to keep the faith, remain positive and stay productive.

I also intend to keep working on my health. I shall remain a vegetarian and clean up my diet, incorporating more vegan meals into my life, again.

4 days a week I attend a BootCamp class with Karie Underwood. The women she coaches are strong and fit. Karie’s a machine.

one arm plank by Karie Underwood

one arm pushup

This is a picture of Karie doing a one-arm pushup. It’s not easy to do, and she’s smiling. I intend to increase my strength and endurance enough to do 10 full-body pushups and hold a two-handed plank for 60 seconds. That might not sound like much to you, but it a realistic start for me.

Above all else I am a realist. Especially when it comes to push ups.

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