happy spring

The window covering returns with new leaves from our Japanese Maple, the sun shines more frequently with patches of blue above, I feel an urge to create and have been selected to help with the US Census.


That’s right, I am a temporary Federal Employee paid to walk around my neighborhood and ask people personal questions. Two of my favorite things to do! How fortunate am I?

It appears I am fairly fortunate because I was the 3.8 million-something person to apply for a Census job for which roughly 1 million people were hired. Wow! That’s a lot of people wanting work and as you may remember I’ve been job hunting for awhile but very few employers have responded to my resume. I just disappear into the vast, black job hole. Even volunteer positions are not forthcoming I’m sorry to report. It would appear that I am not a high-demand employee in today’s job market.

Makes me wonder if staying home to care for our daughter was a wise decision.

Fortunately for me appearance is not everything, that this year ends with a zero and that 35% of U.S. households neglected to return their Census forms. That’s why I get to be part of NRFU (pronounced Narfoo–Non Response Follow Up). I trained for my new position last week and was delighted to have an income-producing place to go each morning. It felt good to get out of the house and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting my team members and learning the Enumerator ropes. This week I will visit households in and around my neighborhood to learn how many people in my assignment area lived at each NRFU residence on Census Day–April 1, 2010.

While I was at work this week and because Steve is recently unemployed, he took full control of Claire Duty and did a GREAT job.

It is with pleasure that I relinquish care of our teenager to her father, my husband.

I hope they thoroughly enjoy their time together. By the way, the picture posted above was taken by Claire during her school’s focus week and a trip to Pike Place Market. I adjusted it only slightly.

4 responses to “happy spring

  1. Employed! WoooooHooooo! How long? Good pay? Steve got layed off?

  2. Glad that you got something to tide you over for a little while! It may be a huge benefit to have Steve doing Claire duty for a while. A different perspective is good. And teenage daughters and mothers seem to be a bit like 80 grit sand paper! Good to have a break!
    Good luck, enjoy your outdoor time!

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