crazy sexy life collaboration

As you may know, I want to work for a wellness website called Crazy Sexy Life (CSL) in a BIG way! I discovered it a few months back and have been smitten ever since. I like everything about it–the design, the content, it’s mission, and its fearless leader Kris Carr whose movie Crazy Sexy Cancer I saw a couple of years ago. Kris was the subject (as well as the writer and director) of the film and I was impressed by her commitment to fight cancer by drastically changing her diet. The film documents her vegan journey. I remember rooting for her while I watched it and feeling proud of this charming and dynamic individual who creatively and proactively took a less-traveled road to health. I liked how open she appeared, and how it changed her life. A number of years later I stumbled upon her website and discovered she had manifested her improved health into a lifestyle and a career–an online health hub that aims to spread her hopeful message to the masses. I love that! It’s a powerful, positive and important message whose time has come.

You go Crazy Sexy Life girl!

You can imagine how excited I was to learn from a weekly CSL ezine that they wanted to hire a remote part-time copy editor intern. I applied, didn’t get it, but was asked if I wanted to be considered for future positions. I said yes, of course, and then JUMPED at the chance when they advertised some weeks later for an INDESIGN intern!

Now this is a position I am clearly qualified to do.

Just last year I was an InDesign teaching assistant and online tutor at Bellevue College. Furthermore, I doubt anyone could match my enthusiasm for this unpaid position!

Hence the reason I decided to ramp up my efforts with an intentional expression of my interest which I created in . . . you guessed it . . . InDesign!

I incorporated my website’s banner, logo, a piece of my art and put it all together in newsletter fashion to convey my enthusiasm. I have no idea if it worked because she didn’t mention it specifically but the CSL Editor-In-Chief, Corinne Bowen, did say she appreciates my enthusiasm, that there may be projects I can collaborate on in the future and that I should contact her in a week. So I did, and I waited . . . I am still waiting to hear back from this high-achieving, super-busy professional so I sent another intentional expression of my interest, aka issue 2 volume 1.

I hope it’s not overkill.

In this issue I tried to incorporate information I learned about Corinne from her blog site. And all I can say is, Wow! This woman is good . . . and smart . . . ambitious . . . and talented. No wonder Kris Carr hired her. I really, really, really hope she’ll let me help . . . anytime, anywhere, anyhow.

It would be my privilege.

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