eat healthy and feel better in more ways than one

Due to a steady decline in my health conventionally attributed to aging and in an effort to combat this “inevitability” I adopted a vegan lifestyle and eliminated meat, dairy, sugar and processed food from my diet. It’s been 28 days!

Hooray for me!!

I am proud of myself because I really didn’t know if I had it in me . . . I’ve discovered that I do.

Four weeks ago I started following Brendan Brazier’s Thrive diet and am delighted with the improvements in health that I’ve experienced so far:

    Sugar cravings have vanished
    I am no longer perpetually hungry
    I sleep better
    I’ve lost 8 – 10 pounds
    I more often think about food as sustenance, versus food as entertainment
    I feel a satisfying self-respect for being proactive and taking RESPONSIBILITY for my health.

In addition to the expected physical benefits, there appears to be some clarity in my thinking and an emotional benefit to being responsible and making right choices.

This feels good because choosing to eat a plant-based, vegan diet required a lot of effort and that we change our family’s routine around food. We shop in different sections of the grocery store now. We use different appliances and eat a lot more raw food. When we cook we use a lower temperature. We don’t go out to dinner. (We will dine out selectively in the future.) There is a learning curve to preparing vegan meals and a mindset to using food as nourishment instead of entertainment. It’s about loving our ourselves enough to make that healthy food choice, again and again, day in and day out. Taking this path toward health and putting forth the required effort feeds my soul. It’s an emotional boon for me and the biggest benefit to the vegan diet that I’ve found so far.

Truth, responsibility and growth give rise to joy.

In my quest for health related blogs and websites, I stumbled upon one that I like called Crazy Sexy Life. It is a “playground for kind warriors who believe it’s HIP to get healthy, SEXY to be spiritual, and NOBLE to protect hot mama Earth.” I couldn’t agree more. It’s creator, Kris Carr, also wrote and directed an inspirational documentary about her holistic fight against cancer called, Crazy Sexy Cancer. I saw it a few years back and was very moved by her story. Now I know why.

Good health is sooo worth the effort.

4 responses to “eat healthy and feel better in more ways than one

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  2. Glad to hear it is going so well for you Connie!

  3. Agreed. Brendan Brazier RULES.

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