Connie DeLaVergne

I am a creative person seeking work as a graphic designer, online marketing coordinator, social media manager or a combination thereof.

I had a long-term assignment working as the graphics and marketing manager for a small company in Bellevue but it came to an end on January 10, 2012. I worked there for a year, learned a lot and am happily seeking my next challenge. Freelance projects, I am thrilled to report, are quickly filling up my plate again. Now I need to adjust my exercise schedule. Did I ┬ámention housework and laundry? I didn’t think so.

I am married to Steve and we have a teenage daughter. I enjoy writing, making art, meeting new people, being social and am fascinated by the Internet and relationship marketing–its tribal, grassroots business potential is crazy exciting.

Power to the people!

This blog serves as a creative outlet for me. It’s a place where I can share my experiences and things that I like. I have a Bachelors Degree in Communications from the University of Washington and a Certificate in Desktop Publishing from Bellevue College.

My dream job is to be part of a design or marketing team in a dynamic company where my imagination, artistic abilities, organizational skills and fascination with people and relationships will be put to creative good use.

Or, to create multiple and successful online businesses for myself while helping other entrepreneurs do the same.

Or, to manage the graphics and marketing department for a small company near my home.

2 responses to “Connie DeLaVergne

  1. Margaret (Becky)

    Connie…I am so inpressed. You are inspiring me now!!! I made a plan to go back to school a month ago. My classes start on the 21st. I have also thought about a blog…but am fearfull too. You go girl!! I need more friends like you!

    • conniedelavergne

      Going back to school was a THRILL for me. I loved it! When I started two years ago I had few computer skills and now I’m building websites. Nobody is more amazed than me at the progress I’ve made in a very short time. I’ve felt sad this past week that I’m done with my certificate program and not in school, though there are plenty of classes I will take in the future, after I find a real job.

      What school will you be attending, and what will you study, Becky? I can’t recommend going back to school highly enough–and there are plenty of middle-agers doing it, I’m happy to report.

      This blog site is fun too, it’s like facebook really, and makes the process simple. I say, go for it!